Aathirai is a mythical woman who was so pure in her character and love that when she walked in fire; fire extinguished unable to burn her her heat of purity! . This website is dedicated to her, whose name has been given to me.

————— Here is the extract of story of her life —————————

One of the 5 greatest epics Manimegalai describes of a character Manimegalai, who on her second part of life meets with Aaputhiran and gets Amudhsurabhi(cornucopia bowl) a bowl from which food would never disappear.  But for the first time someone very pure in character had to put rice into it.  She hears of Aathirai (Aathirai’s story will follow below) from whom she gets the first rice and after which the Amudasurabhi never was empty; she could serve all needy.

Her Story:

In ancient days Dravidian (South Indians) merchants traveled to almost all parts of world to trade trading.  Coins and potery of Rome were found in Poompuhar, Musuri, Thondi (old ports of Tamil Nadu) . Aathirai was wife of a merchant. She was born in good family and she was brought up to love everyone , to be kind and be truthful. She could not even think ill of anyone.

Her husband traveled south east when his ship was caught in a storm and crashed.  Almost everyone on the ship died. He alone escaped clinging to a with a plank of wood and reached an island

Since the culture of the Dravidian was far superior; he thought the islanders language, religion, way of life, agriculture etc.  They made him their king.

During this time Aathirai was waiting for her husband to come back. Time passed from days to months and years…People in her city started believing that everyone on the ship died due to calamity.  Hearing this rumor, she decided that she had no more life to live and decided to fall into fire and kill herself (This was a practice on olden days when woman who lost their husbands – due to love of the husband killed themselves)

When she walked into fire, fire (considered as the purest of all by Dravidian) could not bare her heat of purity and extinguished itself.  The Angel of fire appeared before her and told her that her husband was still alive.  It then reminded the husband of her sorrow. He then returned back with riches and they lived happily for a long time

————– End ————————————————-




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