Pork Fry (Tsu Buta)

TsuButa Itame
Hot : low
Cook : 20 mins

Healthy Japanese treat with vegetables~~

Ingredients (for 2 plates)

Pork (250 grams)

Capsicum (200 grams)

mushroom (50 grams)

Bamboo shoot (50 grams)

ponds (1 spoon)

Salt (3 pinch)

Sesame oil (3 tea spoons)

Honey (1 spoon)

Now for the Action

Coconut Shredding In a clean vinyl bag add salt and soften the cut pork pieces
coconut shreded Spread  sesame oil in frying pan, heat for 30 seconds. Add the pork to the pan
Aluminium Pan Allow the meat to fry, you will see its changes colour to brown.
frying nuts Now add the sliced mushroom and cut bamboo shoot.  Keep churning from time to time till they change brown
fry coconut and nuts Add the cut capsicum peelings (remove the center portion and seeds of capsicum) into the fry pan and start churning for close to 5 minutes. Now add a spoon of ponds to the mixture
mix coconut fry and rice Mixing : Now you will see a lot of stream coming from the frying pan, also you can see that the meat has turned softer. Add the honey (spread it across the mixture) and allow it on fire for another 4~5 minutes.

Tsu Buta is ready to eat.  Usually its served with white rice

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