Spinach kootu

Hot : low
Cook : 20 mins

Iron & Protein rich side dish -Goes almost with any main course!
**If severed for dinner – allow at least 2 hours for full digestion before bed**.

Ingredients (for 2 meal)

Spinach (1 pack / 350 grams)

Onion (1/2)

Finely Cut Garlic (1)

Finely Cut Ginger (same size as garlic)

Tomato (1)

Green/Red chili (2) Or Chili powder (1 spoon)

Yellow Mung bean  (50 grams )

Mustard  (3 pinch)

Salt & oil


horenso Spinach : Remove the stem and root of the spinach. Cut the leaves to small pieces (around half an inch). Clean the leaves using meshed vessel on running water (to remove fine silt or mud behind the leaves).
yelloMoongboil Take a metallic cup put the mung bean and submerge it in water(50 ml).Now put this cup in a pressure cooker and boil the mung bean for 10~12 minutes.
frypanoilmustard On a shallow Pan’s pour one tea spoon of Oil (Flower oil or Pea nut oil or vegetable oil ) start heating on very less fire.  Add black mustard seed and turmeric and wait for a minute, mustard will start busting.
addonion Add the chopped onion, garlic and ginger into the oil. Churn the onion constantly until heat spreads evenly and onion tuns color. Now add the chili powder or cut chili.
addtomato Now add the chopped tomato into the pan and churn the contents for 3~4 minutes.  Tomato and onion would blend.
Addinghorenso Now add the cut spinach leaves into the pan.  Churn the contents for a minute or two
addmoongboiled Now add the boiled mung bean to the contents and evenly spread it. Add 30 ml water to the contents..

Close the pan with a lid and wait for 2 or 3 minutes.

horensoboil Now remove the lid and churn it few times so extra water around evaporates. Spinach kootu should be ready by now. Eat Spinach and get strong bones

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