Beans Poriyal

Beans Poriyal
Hot : low
Cook : 30 mins

Low Fat, High protein, soluble fiber, great source of energy..

Ingredients (for 2 meal)

Beans (15~20)

Onion (1/2)

Finely cut Garlic (1)

Finely cut Ginger (same size as garlic)

green or red chili (1) Or Chili powder (1/2 spoon)

Chana Dhal broken (50 grams)

Mustard  (3 pinch)

Salt & oil


Aluminium Pan Wash the beans clean and remove either of the edges. Cut the beans (approximately 1cm) in even size.
Boild Chana dhal Take a metallic cup put the chana bean and submerge it in water(50 ml).Now put this cup in a pressure cooker and boil the mung bean for 10~12 minutes.
SlicedChili/peanut/cashewnut On a shallow Pan’s pour one tea spoon of Oil (Flower oil or Pea nut oil or vegetable oil ) start heating on very less fire.  Add black mustard seed and turmeric and wait for a minute, mustard will start busting.
Lemonextract&Salt Add the chopped onion, garlic and ginger into the oil. Churn the onion constantly until heat spreads evenly and onion tuns color. Now add the chili powder or cut chili.
MixRIce1 Put in the beans and start mixing the beans with onion, for a minute, reduce the fire.
CorianderFlavour Now add the boiled chana bean and salt into the pan, churn to evenly spread the beans with the mixture.
PachadiSideDish Add water to the contents, to avoid burnout of beans.  This water also allow the taste to spread evenly..

Keep churning from time to time till water evaporates

EnjoyLemonRice Your beans poriyal is ready. Beans should have taken the falvour and colour of spies. Enjoy your side dish…

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