Coconut Rice

Cocnut Rice
Hot : low
Cook : 20 mins

Energize and cool your body with tasty coconut rice~~

Ingredients (for 2 plates)

Coconut (1 if available)


Coconut shred (100 grams) & coconut milk (50 ml)

green or red chili (2)

Cashew nut (50 grams)

Chana lentil (50 grams if available)

Mustard & Salt (3 pinch)

Coconut oil (3 tea spoons)

Boiled Rice (1 ~ 1.5 cup)

Now for the Action

Coconut Shredding Break the coconut and shred the hard pulp inside
coconut shreded If you don’t have coconut – mix the coconut milk and shred coconut
Aluminium Pan In a Fry Pan pour Coconut Oil & start heating on very less fire.
frying nuts put the mustard in the fry pan. when they will start busting, make sure fire reduce fire on your stove. Now add cashew nuts, lentil and sliced chili over the oil. Churn them constantly until the nut change colour to golden brown, you may also see the chili’s colour changing to be brownish
fry coconut and nuts Reduce the fire to very minimum. Add coconut shreds into the fry pan and start churning for close to a minute, you will see the coconut start changing colour.  Now stop the fire
mix coconut fry and rice Mixing : Now take the boiled rice, slowly put the rice over the mix on the fry pan. Its an art to mix the extract with rice (Don’t churn with strength, but churn and cut through the mix with a wooden spatula).

Side Dishes : Usually fried potato / potato chips go very well with coconut rice.

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  1. Hi Vezhavendan. Your receipt looks interesting.
    I have a question about Chana lentil. Should it be also boiled before adding it together with the nuts into the frying pan?


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