Lemon Rice

Hot : medium
Cook : 20 mins

Easy and Fast for ANYONE!! to cook -Guess what its healthy and cleans your bowl (I BET)

Ingredients (for 2 plates)

Lemon (1)

green or red chili (2)

Pea nut & Cashew nut (50 grams each)

Mustard & Turmeric (3 pinch)

Salt & oil

Boiled Rice (1 ~ 1.5 cup)

Coriander leaves (if available)

Now for the Action

Aluminium Pan Fry Pan : Usually Aluminum shallow Pan’s are good for evenly spreading heat .Pour at least three tea spoon of Oil (Flower oil or Pea nut oil or vegetable oil )start heating on very less fire.
Pan with Oil, Mustard and Turmeric Starting with Mustard & Turmeric : Add one normal spoon of mustard (black) & half spoon turmeric powder and the above mustard can be added once the oil gets hotter and starts fuming. Indication is once you put the mustard in, they will start busting (Having a lid to cover the pan is safer for new people as hot mustard can boil human skin).Make sure fire is in sim on your stove
SlicedChili/peanut/cashewnut Frying the ingredients : Add the peanuts, cashew nuts and sliced chili over the oil, now churn them constantly until the nut change colour to golden brown, you may also see the chili’s colour changing to be brownish
Lemonextract&Salt Main Guest arrival : Cut the lemon into 2 halves. Squeeze each of the half lemon (remove the seeds from the extract), take this juice and add it to the fry pan (your fry pan is going to make a big noise – don’t bother). Add necessary salt. From this point boil the mix for less than a minute. Stop the fire
MixRIce1 Mixing : Now take the boiled rice, slowly put the rice over the mix on the fry pan. Its an art to mix the extract with rice (Don’t churn with strength, but churn and cut through the mix with a wooden spatula)
CorianderFlavour Final flavoring : If you have coriander, you can cut them into small and spread them over the lemon rice, gives good flavor and is good for the eyes
PachadiSideDish Side Dishes : Usually fried potato / potato chips go very well with lemon rice.  yogurt pachadi (Raita) goes well too
EnjoyLemonRice Have a happy meal – and get your stomach clean. Don’t forget to thank me for this easy , cheap and healthy food!!

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