Preparation : 30 mins
Cooking : 15 mins

Tasty and Healthy dinner easily cooked is chappathi. This is also called Roti

Ingredients (7~8 Chappathis)

Wheat Flour (200 grams)

Water (150 ml)


Oil or Butter


Put the wheat flour on a Clean and flat surface
Add 1.5 spoons of salt to the flour
Make the flour like a crater and add water and mix them
Knead the dough till it becomes smooth(nearly gets to this shape in 10 to 12 mins)
Make the dough into small lemon sized balls
Roll out the wheat balls and stretch tho even thickness
Sprinkle wheat flour when rolling to avoid sticking to the surface or roller
Stretched chappathi base pretty much looks like this


On a non-stick heated pan add very little oil or butter and put the chappathi base
It slowly starts bulging and ends become browner, now flip to the other side and do the same
Now pick the chappathi and put it on direct flame so it puffs
Your chappathis are ready – enjoy them with potato masala or tomato chuttney

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