Sweet & Tasty Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi
sweetness: High
Time: 10 minutes

To welcome Summer, the perfect way would be to have a Mango Lassy.


1. Full Ripe Mango (This could be hard to get – just buy a tin of mango pulp)

2. 5 tea spoons of Sugar

3. Half spoon Salt

4. yogurt (curd) & some Ice cubes

Here is what you need to do to get four cups of mango lassy

Take three fourth a cup of Mango pulp
2 full glasses of milk pour the Mango pulp and milk into the mixer
Add little water to the mango pulp cup and pour that to mixer as well
Add the 5 tea spoons of sugar
Add (the secret taste of lassy) half spoon salt
Finally add 2 tea spoons of yogurt
Run the mixer for at least 2 ~ 3 minutes
Server and add the ice cubes (have fun!!)

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