Chicken Pepper Gravy

Hotness: medium
Time: 60 minutes

To all those people who care about using natural spices directly for cooking rather than using prepared mix spice that’s sold in market, here is a wonderful eye opener on how to get your mouth watering Chicken Pepper Gravy be cooked very tastily !!


1 Kg Chicken

2 large or 3 medium Onions

2 medium or 3 small Tomatoes

Ginger paste or 1 full ginger

Garlic paste or 4 garlic pieces

Loose spice: Cloves, cinnamon, mustard, cardamom (elachi), fenugreek, coriander, black pepper, red pepper, salt, turmeric, star anise, coconut powder or paste or milk, laurel

Here we go

Onion : Take 2 big size Or 3 medium size or 5 small size Onion.Peel the skin, remove the top and bottom. Cut the onion into 2 halves. Now cut them vertically at approximately half inch width
Choosing Chicken : 1kg Choosing part of the chicken like chest or thighs is up to individuals taste. Skin of Chicken has more fat and adds to falvaour. wings are good too
Cutting chicken : Each piece can be around 2 or 1.5 inch in length, width and height. Important Note: bigger cuts will not take in taste while smaller cuts will become hard on boiling. Chicken after being fully cut – needs to be soaked in water. ( for cleaning , making them softer and to getting them to normal temperature if bought frozen )
Fry Pan : Usually Aluminum shallow Pan’s are good for evenly spreading the heat on chicken.Pour at least three tea spoon of Oil (Flower oil or Pea nut oil or vegetable oil )start heating on very less fire.
Starting with Mustard & Turmeric : Add one normal spoon of mustard (black) & half spoon turmeric powder and the above mustard can be added once the oil gets hotter and starts fuming. Indication is once you put the mustards in, they will start busting (Having a lid to cover the pan is safer for new people as hot mustard can boil human skin).Make sure fire is in sim on your stove
Preparing the spices : 10 cloves ; 3 or 4 small strips of cinnamon sticks ; 5 or 6 laurel leaves ; approximately 13 pieces of star anise ; 1 spoon of fenugreek ; half tea spoon of red pepper ; you can also add 3 or 4 cardamam that adds to the great smell
Mixing the spices: Add all of them together in the oil (that already has mustard and turmeric) and gently increase the fire
Mixing the Onion : Once you see the ingredients getting browner.Add the cut onions (all of them).Now is your turn to churn the onions in medium heat for nearly 5 minutes. Till onions get the oil coat
Frying the Onion : you can see they slowly start loosing the water content in them.after 5 plus minutes the onions become almost 3/4th the size of what they were. At this point reduce the fire a little
Tamarind(alternatively lemon juice can be used) : Prepare in a bowl – one spoon of tamarind ; pour 1/4 small glass of water over it
Preparing the Tamarind juice : with your fingers squeeze the tamarind in the water, you will start seeing juice (the trick is if you put tamarind in water and put them in your micro wave Owen / cooking Range for 2 mins it becomes soft and easy to get the juice)
Mixing for sweet sour taste : pour only the juice over the onions in the pan. Then you can repeat the tamarind water exercise for at least three times until you have taken all the juice out of the tamarind churn the onions for one minute to spread the juice over all the onions
Tomato: take 2 medium or 3 small, cut them as you like. By now your onions should have become half the size of what they were add the tomatoes to the pan of onions
Mixing Tomato :now you can increase the fire to medium, churn for nearly 5 mins till all the tomato looses shape
Mixing Chicken : Now add all of the cut chicken. Start your churning for nearly 10~15 mins. Make sure the heat is nearly medium and keep churning the contents in the pan (this is important to make sure chicken does not burn off and does not stick to the pan hard)
Garlic : Add liberally garlic paste, alternatively you can add natural garlic by cutting 3 or 4 of them small
Ginger : Add liberally ginger paste, alternatively you can add natural ginger by cutting i full piece small
Coconut : Add 2 tea spoons of coconut powder or coconut paste or coconut milk
Getting the blend : now you can gently increase the heat. Every 3 seconds give the chicken a churn on all sides ; you will start realising the water content becoming thicker
Pepper : Now comes our hero of taste for the day – Black pepper. Usually 1 tea spoon of pepper is good enough ( add more if you like it more spicy). Churn for a clear spread. Allow boiling for nearly 15 minutes
Salt : Add Salt – 1.5 to 2 spoons of salt . Then churn few times. Finally reduce the heat and leave curry to get its taste. You can add coriander leaves for taste at the end.

Naturl & Healthy : This curry does not add any powder contents having any chemicals so its very healthy and does not upset stomach

Note: since coconut has been added the life for the curry is one day (if you want curry to withstand for 2 or 3 days don’t add coconut)

Will love to take your views and will also help people who are interested in getting more clarifications

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